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The Federation of Freight Forwarders-Organization for Logistics and Transport, hereinafter, ateia Euskadi-OLT, is the business organization that brings together the provincial freight forwarding associations of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, also including companies from the territory of Araba.

The Federation was constituted on November 14, 2003 and registered in the Register of Associations of the Basque Government on December 15, 2003, and published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country, No. 25 of February 6, 2004.

The Freight Forwarder, a figure recognized by Law 16/1987 of July 30, 1987, on Land Transport Organization -Art. 126-, is the professional who plans, coordinates, controls and directs all the operations necessary to carry out the international transport of goods, as well as the complementary services to the same, all this by any means or means of communication. The freight forwarder is at the service of industry and commerce, constituting, as a service company, an essential link in the development of the economy and foreign trade.

The Federation, as stated in its by-laws, is a non-profit organization and all income is used for the Federation's purposes.

Objectives of the Federation

In addition to providing its activity to its full members, the territorial associations and indirectly to the companies associated to each territorial association, the Federation's objectives, in accordance with Article 2 of its Bylaws, are as follows:

  • to represent, manage and defend the interests of freight forwarders, international forwarders and similar throughout the autonomous territory and their professional organizations integrated in the Federation, in their general and common aspects, especially in relation to the Administration and other public institutions and workers' organizations.
  • To promote the links between the associated organizations. The exercise of these functions shall always respect the exclusive competences of the member organizations of the Federation.
  • To promote the progress in the management of the companies in a special way by means of the realization and diffusion of the research, and the organization and operation of the pertinent formative means.
  • To organize and maintain the necessary services for an effective collaboration with the associated entities in the provision of the same to the businessmen affiliated to them.
  • To establish, maintain and promote contacts and collaborations with Spanish and foreign entities of similar nature and purpose.
  • To manage and dispose of its own resources, whether budgetary or patrimonial, and apply them to the purposes and activities of the Federation.
  • To intervene and resolve, if appropriate, through the corresponding arbitration body, the issues that may be raised, issuing opinions and expert opinions.
  • To promote Sustainable Development and especially environmental management in the field of international transport and logistics.
  • To promote the improvement of the competitiveness of the international transport and logistics sector by supporting Basque companies in the sector in the implementation of new technologies and management systems.
  • To represent the business part in the sectorial Collective Negotiation.
  • All other functions of a similar nature considered necessary or convenient for the fulfillment of its aims and for the defense of the legitimate interests of the associated organizations and their members.

Board of Directors:

It is composed of representatives of the two provincial Associations and renews its positions every two years.


D. Víctor Martín

Representative of ateia Bizkaia-OLT

Vice President

D. José Ramón Lecároz

Representative of ateia Gipuzkoa-OLT


D. Aitor Artaza

Representative of ateia Bizkaia-OLT


D. Gonzalo Bernas

Representative of ateia Bizkaia-OLT


D. Gonzalo Cerame

Representative of ateia Gipuzkoa-OLT


D. Iñaki Ugartemendia

Representative of ateia Gipuzkoa-OLT

Technical Secretary

D. Jorge Rodriguez

Representive of ateia Bizkaia-OLT

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