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Yesterday, Wednesday, the new FETEIA-OLTRA Commission


In the course of a telematic meeting in which the ATEIAs of Alicante, Aragon, Asturias, Barcelona, Bahía de Algeciras, Bizkaia, Cadiz, Gipuzkoa, Madrid, Seville and Tarragona were present, yesterday this new commission was constituted which, according to the president of the Federation, Enric Ticó, was born at the proposal of ATEIA-OLTRA Madrid to respond to the rules that in these three matters both the associated companies and the freight forwarders associations themselves we have to set.

"Freight forwarders and customs representatives do not like to be mere observers. This new national commission was created with the aim of being proactive, to analyze in depth the impact of our activity, of our sector, on key elements such as sustainability, social responsibility, good governance, business ethics, gender equality, commitment to society and the planet in decarbonization. How freight forwarders are involved in the future of our society," said TIcó.

The chairman of the ESG Commission will be Marc Porta (Kerry Logistics), who yesterday defended that "to talk about ESG is to talk about sustainability, to preserve what we have as a society", emphasizing the global sense of this sustainability, since "most people when they think of sustainability think only of the environmental issue, but it is much more than that. It is to leave our planet much better than we have found it, not only in the ecological part but also in the social part". And in relation to our companies, "to make them sustainable, that they also have good compliance, good regulatory compliance, with social responsibility," said Porta.

The vice president of the new Commission will be Marisa Moreno (Illice Universal Logistics), who outlined the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the main world leaders have set as goals for the year 2030, and that if met by freight forwarding companies "would generate an important competitive advantage in our sector".

Divided these 17 SDGs into 3 areas of action, "Environmental", "Social" and "Governance" (ESG), the Federation yesterday approved a program of concrete actions to improve these goals in which it has an impact.

With regard to the environment, the plan aims to "optimize the management of companies to reduce their environmental impact, as well as to move towards a decarbonized economy", focusing, among other aspects, on energy self-consumption and CO2 emissions calculators.

In terms of social objectives, the Federation's efforts will initially focus on the right to disconnection, gender inequality, the integration of people with functional diversity and the health and well-being of all members of the company.

Finally, in the area of Governance, the sustainability of the associations will be pursued so that they can continue to grow.

In addition, it is proposed the structuring of the Federation itself to be able to launch an NGO "contributing our grain of sand, since we have agents in many countries and we could consolidate the aid in an orderly manner".

Finally, the President of FETEIA-OLTRA, Enric Ticó, celebrated the profile of the members of the new Commission as they are young and very experienced people, since "from the Executive Committee we think that it is an opportunity to rejuvenate the staff of the companies and all our associations and commissions".

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